Friday, July 15, 2011

Vive la France !

From La Marseillaise to
"J'suis un Touareg, un homme du désert"

Bastille Day, Abbesses, Montmartre

Le 14 juillet 2011
Filmed by Rina Sherman©

© Rina Sherman

Yesterday, taking a break from editing, we went for a drink at Le petit café de Montmartre, my neighborhood cafe. Across the road, La Pomponnette was having a Karaoke party of French songs with whoever wanted to join in it seemed. Women from the local beat and a lone Touareg ranger were part of the fare on offer. We watched from the other side of the road in the shade, enjoying a glass of Chablis and a Picon bière respectively.

ZELDA KAPLAN A Need for Renewal

ZELDA KAPLAN  A Need for Renewal
VOICES Meetings with Remarkable People

A Collection by Rina Sherman ©

Daily Mail: New York socialite and fashion icon, 95, dies after fainting in the front row of a designer's show

NY Times: A Manhattan Fashion Icon Is There Until the End Zelda Kaplan, a Fixture on the Fashion, Dies at a Runway Show

ZELDA KAPLAN A Need for Renewal

New York personality Zelda Kaplan talks to Rina Sherman about her Human Rights work in Africa, abuse against women and New York night life.

VOICES in the Collection Meetings with Remarkable People: (completed films marked in bold)
Andres Serrano – Photographer, NY, VO English, DV

Andres Serrano talks about his work as an fine arts photographer and a religious antiques collector.

Zelda Kaplan – NY Socialite & African Women’s Rights Activist, NY, VO English, DV

Zelda Kaplan on life in NewYork and travels to Africa

Rhoda Scott – Jazz Organist & Musicologist, Normandy, VO English, HD

Rhoda Scott on being an organist and musician.

Jean Tabet – Librarian, Anticolonialist & Antifascist Activist, Salon de Provence, VO French, HD

JEAN TABET - Une lueur d'espoir bibliothécaire, militant anticolonialiste et antifasciste parle de sa vie, son parcours, ses rencontres avec Henri Curiel, Mehdi Ben Barka… Un homme hors du commun…

Michel Brault – Film maker, Montreal/Paris, VO French, HD

Michel Brault sur sa vie de réalisateur, de directeur de la photographie et sur son travail avec Jean Rouch sur Chronique d'un été.

Rickey Leacock – Film maker, Paris, (with Valerie Lalonde) VO English, HD

Rickey Leacock, with Valérie Lalonde, on his life and work, with Flaherty, Louise Brooks and others.

Ruy Duarte de Carvalho – Ethnologist & Angolan Activist, Maputo, VO French, HD

Ruy Duarte de Carvalho sur la vie en Angola et sur son travail ethnographique sur les Ovakuvale

Boris Boubacar – Writer, Paris, VO French, HD

Boris Boubacar sur la colonisation, la décolonisation, le Rwanda et les temps de l'écriture.

Teddy Yoshikami – Manager of Multicultural Programs, AMNH, NY, VO English, HD

Teddy Yoshikami on being Japanese in America

François Roustang - Hypnotherapist, Paris, VO French, HD

François Roustang : "Il se fait tard : La trance est une manière d'être au monde."

Joan Hambidge – Poet & Writer, Paris, VO English, HD

Joan Hambidge on her work as poet and novelist in South Africa.

Brice Ahounou – Ethnologist, Paris, VO French, HD

Brice Ahounou sur Jean Rouch et l'Afrique

Phill Niblock - Composer, Paris, VO English, HD

Phill Niblock - Composer, talks about his music and career

Albert Sasson, Scientifique, Paris, VO Français, HD

Albert Sasson parle de son enfance au Maroc et sa vie en tant que scientifique.