Saturday, March 17, 2012

RHODA SCOTT Music is Like Breathing

Rhoda Scott, Music is Like Breathing

Rina Sherman

VidéoHD, 78 min

Virtuoso Jazz Organist Rhoda Scott talks to Rina Sherman about her life, her music and her career as an organist, from her childhood as a pastor's daughter in the USA, learning to play organ in churches to the Saint-Germain jazz clubs and the Olympia of Paris. A most inspiring musician and woman. 

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Wiping the Tears Essuyer les larmes

My Seven Years with the Ovahimba - Mes Sept années avec les Ovahimba
A film by Rina Sherman
VideoHD, 75 min, 2012, VO STVA & STVF, Production: ACA LTFA Distribution: Label K

I. Essuyer les larmes
Essuyer les larmes nous transporte au sein de la communauté Ovahimba d’Etanga, un petit village situé au nord-ouest de la Namibie.
Il nous plonge au cœur d’une passion entre une femme, son mari et son amant, et du procès qui les opposent, dont les conséquences risquent d’être dramatiques tant pour eux que pour leurs familles respectives et leur communauté. 
Wiping the Tears takes us to the heart of the Ovahimba community of Etanga, a small village in the north-west of Namibia. It immerses us in the passion between a woman, her husband and her lover, and the court case that ensues, the consequences of which are dramatic for them, their families and their community. 

Kamboo Mukuru
Kandanda Tjongora