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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mtshongolo : The Shangaan of Kagiso

A five-part urban dance series filmed in Zimbabwe and South Africa in 1996.
Vidéo, 70', 1996, Production: ACA LTFA

Festivals: VidéoDanse, Pompidou Centre, 1996, 2009, VidéoDanse - CNDC Angers

Mtshongolo* : The Shangaan of Kagiso
In Kagiso, a township west of Johannesburg, the Krugersdorp Stars, TK Swinyeleteni, partake in competitions every Sunday. The Shangaan rites of passage from birth to the age of adulthood are re-enacted over and again.

A Kagiso, un township à l'ouest de Johannesburg, les Krugersdorp Stars, TK Swinyeleteni, participent tous les dimanches à des concours. Des rites de passage Shangaan de la naissance à l'âge adulte y sont reconstitués.

* Heat tolerance screening for miners: mtshongolo in fanakalo

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

AKAYAZWE & URUGANGAZI - Dance & Percussions

A Film by Rina Sherman

Outdoors in a medieval setting, two groups of musicians from Africa, AKAYAZWE - Drums of Burundi and URUGANGAZI - Dancers, Singers and percussion of Rwanda transgress space and time in a magical moment of dance and percussion.

On the prairie of Saint Jean du Grais, an old priory of the twelfth century, lost in the Touraine countryside, AKAYAZWE, the Drummers of Burundi give their all, singing and beating on huge wooden drums.

They are followed by URUGANGAZI, dancers, singers and drummers of Rwanda.
Dances of men, women, warriors, singers and drummers follow each other, leaving their shadows to burst on the walls soon to be milenary.

Vidéo HD, 52, 2011, Production : ACA LTFA & L'association St-Jean du Grais - Carrefour des Cultures. Distribution : Label K

Rina Sherman